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High Times puts “Scoundrels in Paradise” on it’s List of Most Recommended Books

The truth is now out there

Those who doubt the authenticity of this book are most likely jealous or are lacking in any experience of their own. Having been around the California and Hawaii scene in the late sixties I was a witness to these wild tales and thoroughly enjoyed Scott’s account of his adventures….for some of us it isn’t a stretch of the imagination. Read up folks, it’s a great narrative!

Mark W

What a wild crazy ride

Once I started this book it was hard to put it down. Having lived through those times and experienced a lot of the same people and places, the story had an extra dimension of resonance with my own story. Scott Stevenson weaves a great adventure for the reader and take you to some of the most exotic and extreme places on the planet. It would make a hell of a movie and producers should be lining up for the rights to do just that. It’s not all fun and games, but in the end there is a great lesson there for everyone. You will have to decide what that lesson is for yourself. Like the great Bette Davis said “fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a bumpy ride” but well worth the price of admission

By Jesse Barish

A Sub-culture Classic

This book is a time capsule from the psychedelic era. The author lived an exciting, wild life that would be impossible with todays surveillance and laws. He tells his story with honesty, even when he owns up to some serious bad decision making. A look into the drug culture that few experienced and even fewer survived. Smuggling and Struggling would have been a good alternative name for the book. A good read.

By Glam Giver

This was a great read
Should make a movie about it.

I actually met the author before I read the book. When he started telling me about his life I found it hard to believe. As our friendship grew I found out quickly that it was all the truth. It’s easy to fact check info now and it’s easy to figure out when things are not what can be passed out as true.
The LA Times doesn’t print an article unless it’s verified and checked. […]

Lots of great events that happened “back in the day”. A real good read and hope to read the epilogue to it some day.

By Bradley Stockwell

If you enjoy a top notch story

This man has had enough world wide adventures and experiences to fill several lives. I couldn’t put the book down! The up and downs, near misses and tragedy, along with the incredible list of people he met and befriended along the way, are recounted in a manner that made my head spin. If you enjoy a top notch, non-fiction life story as told from the person who lived it, I highly recommend “Scoundrels In Paradise”

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