Scott Adlai Stevenson


Scott Adlai Stevenson was born in Hollywood, California in 1954. His family spent a couple of years in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, but the bulk of his childhood was spent in Southern California. At the ripe old age of fifteen, Scott ran away from home. He made his way to the San Francisco Bay area, and eventually landed in Maui Hawaii, where he managed to fall into a job working on the film “Rainbow Bridge” starring Jimi Hendrix. When he was seventeen, he found himself living with nomadic tribes high in the mountains of Morocco, making hash and married to the Granddaughter of a Berber chieftain. It was at this point in his life that his odyssey of drug smuggling, high adventure and international intrigue shifted into high gear.

Scott eventually moved to south east Asia, where he settled down in Bali Indonesia. He spent many years traveling through Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. There he conducted himself as a liaison between powerful high-level government officials, clearing the way for various cartel kingpins and drug lords. In his wake, he managed to marry three Indonesian women, of which two are of Royal lineage, fathering four children.